Introducing VetSalus

VetSalus is a new business initiative involving a growing group of international veterinarians. The founders have recognised that there is no single “go to” business which can reliably source and place expert veterinary consultants in the areas of animal production and sustainable farming operations. VetSalus has a clear focus: “the production of wholesome food from healthy animals.”

Farm Animal Wellbeing Expert Forum

David, Jon and Bruce recently attended the 12th Boehringer Ingelheim Expert Forum in Prague. A wide range of high calibre speakers visited all aspects of the question, the conference flowed really well, and the delegates were "put to work" in debating various aspects of animal wellbeing and developing innovative tools and solutions.

Some key messages we took home were;

Methane - again!

It is difficult to pick up a newspaper these days (whether you read printed or digital versions!) without encountering the word ‘methane’. All too frequently, the next sentence will continue by associating the production of the gas with cattle and will conclude with a statement on eating less meat or dairy.

However, this latest article from New Scientist reports that, while methane levels are undoubtedly rising, the source is by no means certain.

Recent paper in Nature

Here is the abstract from a recent paper in nature (with my italics). Once again, core VetSalus business (improvement in technologies and management) has been regarded as critical to environmental sustainability.


Article | Published: 10 October 2018

Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits