News from New Zealand


November 2023

New Zealand went to the polls nearly a month ago and at the time of writing, the exact make up of the new government and, more importantly, the policies it will implement remain uncertain. The National Party will form the next government but it will need the support of two additional parties in some form of coalition. So considerable doubt remains about what impact the change of government, effectively a drift to the right, will have on One Health matters, especially sustainability and climate change policies.

Opinion Piece: Zeroing in on Net-Zero


A recent editorial in New Scientist magazine [1], ‘Net-zero action’ has started me pondering.

As the article quite rightly points out, the term net-zero and the science behind it has become commonplace. Most businesses now profess their “net-zero by…” strategies and in many cases “net-zero by 2050” is trumpeted, with the underlying message that “we’re doing our bit - problem solved.”