A Roundup of the VetSalus Presentations at the 6th Annual One Health Congress

The 6th World One Health Congress was held virtually this year, with 5 days of online presentations concluding on One Health Day, 3rd November. This year’s virtual event saw increased reach to the global audience, as well as greater interaction between delegates and speakers with the availability of an opportunity to connect 1-1.

VetSalus Project Update

Becoming a global force to help improve animal health, welfare and sustainability is a huge challenge, and one that can only be tackled by leading more manageable projects in collaboration with others. 

New Zealand-based VetSalus consultant, Mark Bryan, is involved in several projects all tackling the One Health issues from different angles. Below is a summary of those projects, outlining the project, and what each hopes to achieve.


Food for Thought

During 2019, it feels everyone became more aware of the environmental impact of their daily lives. From what we wear, to how we travel, to what we eat; everything has an impact on the environment. There is increasing pressure for everyone to ‘do their bit.’ Exactly what that means depends on the individuals' moral and ethical compass.

Introducing VetSalus

VetSalus is a new business initiative involving a growing group of international veterinarians. The founders have recognised that there is no single “go to” business which can reliably source and place expert veterinary consultants in the areas of animal production and sustainable farming operations. VetSalus has a clear focus: “the production of wholesome food from healthy animals.”