Article on VetSalus published in New Zealand

Agri-Vet, which is a supplement to Agri-business, an important contributor to New Zealand's agricultural journalism, recently published an article on VetSalus. Based upon interview with our chair, Lewis Griffiths, the article outlines current achievements and aspirations for the organisation, which is steadily growing its influence and activities. VetSalus is now developing its presence in New Zealand.

An Introduction to Sustainability for New Zealand Farm Veterinary Practice

Environmental issues, particularly those linked to agriculture, are high on the current political agenda in New Zealand. As a result of this, matters which should be subjected to a logical, science based debate have become sensitive and emotional discussions, which frequently bridge that fundamental of New Zealand society: the rural/city divide.

BCVA 2021 Sustainability Session Review
At the recent British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) Congress held at Celtic Manor, there were a whole series of presentations dedicated to Sustainability and VetSalus consultants were involved in delivering several of these.


There can be little doubt that as the world faces the challenges of climate change, including biodiversity collapse, species extinction and scarcity of food in many regions, vets and other members of the vet-led team, involved in animal agriculture, have an essential role to play.