BCVA 2021 Sustainability Session Review
At the recent British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) Congress held at Celtic Manor, there were a whole series of presentations dedicated to Sustainability and VetSalus consultants were involved in delivering several of these.


There can be little doubt that as the world faces the challenges of climate change, including biodiversity collapse, species extinction and scarcity of food in many regions, vets and other members of the vet-led team, involved in animal agriculture, have an essential role to play.

Regenerative Agriculture and a practical case example of how vets can work with their clients
At the recent BCVA Congress, VetSalus Director, Alasdair Moffett, presented a case study around regenerative agriculture and how vets can work with their clients.


Definition of Regenerative - Oxford English Dictionary – To regrow or be renewed or restored, especially after being damaged or lost.

A VetSalus perspective on COP26

As the stressed negotiators and delegates leave Glasgow and the politicians begin to talk up the success of the event, the rest of us might be excused for wondering what has been achieved? A number of voluntary decisions have hit the headlines including resolutions on deforestation, methane reduction and “phasing down” of fossil fuel emissions. But the reality is that these are, in the main, voluntary resolutions and there is little or no way of enforcing them. The prospects of keeping the global warming target at 1.5C are rapidly waning.

VetSalus Briefing: Some basic facts about methane

With the high media profile being generated by COP-26 it is not too surprising to find methane back in the headlines again. What is maybe surprising to anyone looking for a logical science based approach, is the frequency with which the words dairy industry and methane appear in the same sentence. This VetSalus bulletin will reinforce a few basic scientific facts about methane. Over the coming weeks we will also produce some in-depth articles on COP-26 topics.

Here are a few facts about methane and its impact upon climate change:

Embracing Sustainability In Veterinary Practice
At the recent BCVA Congress, VetSalus Managing Director, David Black, presented a paper entitled “Embracing Sustainability In Veterinary Practice”.


Below is a summary of the key points:

Sustainable farming systems are critical to successfully tackling the climate and ecological crises and vet-led teams involved in agriculture have an essential role to play.


Our planet is facing a catastrophic environmental crisis including: