About us


A global network of veterinarians.


Why VetSalus?

The veterinary marketplace is undergoing a period of radical change. Consumers seek increased assurance that the food they consume is derived from high welfare environments with minimal carbon footprints. Public pressure to reduce and closely control antimicrobial usage is growing. New sources of animal data are available and these will need careful interpretation to provide increased precision in agricultural systems. The roles of veterinary technicians are constantly developing. There is also a growing trend towards vegetarianism and veganism, as well as a rising population of flexitarians.There is an increased requirement for veterinary consultants, globally. There is also a growing need for veterinary audited, animal production systems. 

These are all international issues which create both opportunities and threats for veterinarians. New consultancy and training roles are emerging for experienced veterinarians who can provide the skills required by One Health. VetSalus is developing a central role for veterinarians in the delivery of sustainable, wholesome food from healthy animals.

How does VetSalus work?

VetSalus has already established an international network of like minded veterinarians who are interested in working together. This network of networks will create opportunities and deliver support to each other between countries. VetSalus is currently negotiating contracts and projects for its approved consultants.

VetSalus seeks to become the “go to” global veterinary group offering a global network of veterinarians who can deliver consistent and high quality services such as consultancy, R&D and training. The VetSalus Brand will become recognised as the contact point for all companies and groups seeking resources in this area.

By creating opportunities, VetSalus will ensure that veterinarians become involved in “One Health” consultancy and develop vibrant and sustainable veterinarian-led businesses.

I’m too busy for consultancy work at the moment…

VetSalus recognises that there is currently an international shortage of veterinarians. This situation will not be permanent, new veterinary schools are opening and there are many veterinarians who are currently underutilised or lost to the profession. 

VetSalus will enhance communication and collaboration between veterinary businesses and will be actively working to improve the efficiency with which veterinary resources are utilised. VetSalus will provide new opportunities to a new generation of veterinary consultants.