Katrine Lawaetz


We are delighted to announce that Katrine Lawaetz has taken on the role as Chair of VetSalus. Katrine is a highly qualified and experienced veterinarian with a background in veterinary practice with a focus on dairy herd health, disease, and reproduction. Her veterinary work has been dedicated to Herd Health Management, Animal welfare, and she has until now been active as chairman for VetSalus Scandinavia.

The world of the veterinarian is rapidly changing, and new agendas and ways of thinking are going to influence the complexity of the profession. Therefore a clear vision of how we can bring our profession forward is needed. Katrine is already heavily engaged in the future of veterinarians around the world.

She has a strong passion for animal welfare, antimicrobial stewardship, and farm management. She is also a successful leader and entrepreneur who has been involved in several strategic initiatives and collaborations in the veterinary sector.

Katrine obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Copenhagen in 2009 and completed her DVA certification programme in Herd Health Management, Diseases, and reproduction in 2015. She is a partner and CEO of Vestjyske Dyrlæger, a large veterinary practice in Denmark, and the chair of Dyrlæger & Ko, a national network of dairy veterinarians.


Lewis Griffiths, VetSalus outgoing Chair comments:

“As change sweeps through our profession, VetSalus needs to also change to adapt and meet this new environment. I have enjoyed my more strategic role as chair during the early growth phase of the business and I am delighted that Katrine, who has skills and experience more aligned to the requirements of the future, has agreed to take on this role. I will remain a director of VetSalus for the next year or so and wish Katrine every success in her new role.”


Katrine Lawaetz


Incoming Chair, Katrine Lawaetz comments:

“The green agenda is moving forward fast, and with it there is an increased focus on sustainability in farming – especially within animal production. We have a large part to play as veterinary professionals, and we must step out of our own sphere and onto the global stage of One Health. We have the knowledge and abilities to help our food producers, institutions, governments, and our vets to deliver on the sustainability and animal welfare agenda of tomorrow.”


Katrine brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and vision to VetSalus. She is committed to advancing our mission to harness the reach of our global network to become the One Health link between the international food sector and collaborating veterinary businesses. She is also keen to foster a positive and collaborative culture within our organisation and among our partners. The VetSalus Board and shareholders are very excited to have her take on the chairperson’s role and look forward to working with her on our current and future projects.


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