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Climate change training course for farm veterinary professionals opening for registration in December. VetSalus have spent much of 2023 developing their new course for farm vets and paraprofessionals, which is now open for registration.

“Livestock and Climate Change - A Veterinary Perspective” is an online learning course designed to inform and inspire farm animal veterinarians and paraprofessionals around the world to help producers achieve multiple, often conflicting, sustainability objectives. This self-paced, 6-module course is expected to take between 3 and 4 months to complete by remote learning, and has been designed to fit around busy work and life schedules. Developed by VetSalus, the course will provide successful learners with a LANTRA-accredited certification.

Featuring referenced guides, quizzes, assignments and optional deep dives, the course covers modules such as ‘Emissions from Livestock Production’, ‘Impact of Disease State on Greenhouse Gas Emissions ’ and ‘Advantages and Trade-offs of Grazing Systems in Mitigating Climate Change’. Students will join an international community of veterinary professionals taking the course, and have the opportunity to interact with fellow learners through discussion forums. Each module features a Module Champion who will highlight the ways in which the course content is relevant to and can be applied to veterinary work.




The course is aimed at veterinary professionals and those working in vet-led businesses, and whilst there are no specific entry requirements, all students are expected to have undertaken an undergraduate degree, technical qualification as a paraprofessional, or a relevant diploma. The price of the course will be £495 +VAT per student (registered overseas businesses may be eligible for a VAT exclusive price).

Enrolment opened on Thursday 14th December - be the first to enrol on the course at For any further enquiries please contact Megan Williamson [email protected].

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