Vet Sustain

VetSalus has formed an exciting new partnership with VetSustain, an organisation supporting veterinary professionals to drive change towards a more sustainable future. 

VetSalus has been steadily working, for over two years, to promote and develop opportunities for veterinary consultants who are working in the areas of One Health and sustainable food production. This work has involved a number of projects including promoting research into antimicrobial usage and adapting our WelFarm program for international application. The business has also been active in the development of networks and contacts with similarly minded groups and is delighted to announce that we have formed a cooperative partnership with Vet Sustain, an organisation dedicated to assisting veterinary professionals, and their vet led teams, become a leading force for sustainability. VetSustain has been proactive on a number of fronts, endeavoring to inspire veterinary professionals to develop their skills and practices in this area. The goals of both organisations focus around The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and highlight the unique positioning that the veterinary professions occupy at the human-animal-environment interface. Aligning under the One Health banner, our two groups have now agreed to work cooperatively and VetSalus will be providing professional and administrative support in the development of a range of “on farm toolkits”. These toolkits will initially act as signposting documents, providing practical solutions and answering frequently asked questions. The main aim of the toolkits are to provide an introduction and assistance for veterinary professionals working in the field of on-Farm Sustainability. Over the coming months the toolkit project will evolve into a recognised program that equips and ultimately audits veterinarians working in this field. The details are currently being worked on, but VetSalus consultants will be involved in developing this program and ultimately utilising it globally.

And this is just the starting point. As the relationship grows and develops it is likely that a number of other spinoff projects will gain momentum. Both organisations are acutely aware of the major role suitably skilled veterinarians can play in the sustainable food production arena: as the threat of climate change grows the co-operative relationship between VetSalus and Vet Sustain will have much to contribute.

Vet Sustain founder and director, Laura Higham comments:

"It is a real pleasure to be partnering with VetSalus and we are incredibly grateful for their support. We share a focus on driving change from our unique platforms as veterinary professionals, and we're confident we'll benefit from each other's insights and expertise to support and promote the vet's role in sustainable agriculture. Through VetSalus' network of farm animal consultants, we're excited about scaling our joint efforts to share best practice globally."

For further information on the work done by Vet Sustain, have a look at their website or follow their social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.