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A global network of veterinary specialists.
VetSalus is a new business initiative developed by a committed group of international veterinarians

The core business of VetSalus is to facilitate the placement of veterinary consultants who will  provide expertise in all aspects of ‘One Health’, especially animal production and sustainable farming.
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Veterinary Consultancy

VetSalus is particularly interested in providing consultancy in Animal Welfare, Antimicrobial Usage and Sustainable Animal Production Systems. All VetSalus consultants are independent and meet strict criteria before approval.

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Research & Development

VetSalus consultants have extensive experience in R&D projects.  We can assist your R&D project in planning or data collection. We can also undertake to deliver the entire project, including final analysis and reporting.

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Knowledge Exchange

VetSalus has experienced veterinary trainers available who can deliver detailed, practical training on a range of topics at a venue of your choosing.

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Our Experts

Our network of experts is growing daily. Here are a few of the committed VetSalus experts.

Andrew Bates
Andrew Bates

Veterinary Consultant (New Zealand) Applied Research, Epidemiology, Data Analysis

Mark Burnell
Mark Burnell

Veterinary Consultant (UK) Genomics, Lameness, Mentorship, Training

Iain Richards
Iain Richards

Veterinary Consultant (UK) Sheep Health, Conservation Medicine, One Health

Verdoolaege Philippe
Verdoolaege Philippe

Veterinary Consultant (France) Food Chain Technical/Strategy, Training

Latest News

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Measuring the Carbon Footprint at VetSalus


Since signing up to the SME Climate commitment, ‘Race to Zero’, earlier in the year VetSalus has begun to turn its focus to the carbon footprint generated by the business. As part of the commitment, VetSalus is required to report annually on progress, with the intention of halving our emissions by 2030 and becoming net zero by 2050. As VetSalus is a small organisation, it was assumed that this would be a relatively simple project. It soon became clear that this is not a simple topic.

VetSalus Book Review: Under a White Sky: Elizabeth Kolbert

Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”, which was awarded the Pullitzer Prize for General Non-fiction in 2015, provided a grim account of the arrival of the ‘anthrophocene’, a new epoch in the earth’s geological history, in which human beings have for the first time become the primary agents of change on a planetary scale. The book described the current carnage of the world's biomass, which is now predicted to be the most devastating since the asteroid impact which destroyed the dinosaurs.