Angela Damaso is part of our network of experts, read below to find out a little more about her work.


Angela Damaso


Angela has a background in veterinary practice on ruminants’ herd health and clinics, especially dedicated to infectious diseases control (for example BVD, IBR and Salmonellosis), calf rearing and mastitis control, amongst other areas of veterinary intervention.

Currently, much of her time is spent teaching vet students and developing research projects on farm animal health and production. Current topics of interest include reduction of antimicrobial usage, infection diseases eradication and certification programmes and staff engagement.

Angela graduated in Lisbon in 2007, completed her doctoral studies in Vienna in 2009 and did a residency programme to obtain the Dip. ECBHM title at the Royal Veterinary College (2012-2015). A PGCert in Veterinary Education in 2016 has strengthened Angela’s skills regarding adult learning and knowledge transfer. An OV course at Glasgow University (2016) and working at the UK governmental agency APHA (2018-2019) has widened her knowledge and perspective of the animal production sector.

Angela’s strengths lie not only on her scientific knowledge and clinical experience, but also on her soft skills, including an open mind when approaching problems, team work, empathy and ability to inspire others. Angela extremely happy to be included in the VetSalus consultants list and is keen to create successful partnerships.


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