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We were delighted to be involved, along with Vet Sustain, in the delivery the XLVets Sustainability webinar series last week. This proved to be a highly successful event, with some great speakers on a range of subjects.

The week was launched by two high profile veterinary politicians: the Right Honourable Professor, The Lord Trees and Dr Neil Hudson MP. Both emphasised the critical role which veterinarians can play in sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Throughout the week, speakers addressed a wide range of topics including "internal aspects" of veterinary practice - for example the use of anaesthetic gases and plastic recycling; as well as the wider aspects including carbon footprinting and dung beetles. Thanks to all of the enthusiastic and high calibre speakers who supported this event.

There was much information exchanged and some interesting discussions followed the various sessions. One clear theme emerged, no matter what area of veterinary endeavour we are engaged in, there is a contribution to make towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the planet's carbon footprint. At VetSalus we are particularly concerned with food production from farm animals and it was encouraging to hear that efficiency of production and high animal welfare standards, go hand in hand with sustainability. This is something we have been highlighting for years! As a vet, you already know most of what you need to know. A little background reading - start at this site or visit the numerous resources at Vet Sustain; and register here as an interested person. Soon you will be contributing to the Race to Zero!