The ‘Introduction To Sustainability in Farm Vet Practice’ document is the first piece produced by Vet Sustain’s Food & Farming Working Group. The article comprises a series of case studies discussing work already being done by practicing vets, which improve on farm efficiency and sustainability, both directly and indirectly.


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In order to achieve more sustainable and ultimately regenerative farming practices we must first embark on the journey. An important place to start is understanding what we, as members of the vet-led team on farm, are already achieving and that perhaps some of these steps are aligned to our key goals when working alongside farmers: responsible medicine use, improved health and welfare and taking a One Health approach, are areas that veterinary professionals frequently discuss with our clients.

Having been designed to include something for all farm practitioners, the document provides a brief snapshot of conversations we can, and should all be having with our farm clients. We hope this will lead to an increased awareness of sustainable practices, which will ultimately improve animal welfare and reduce environmental impact, while enhancing productivity and profitability.The positive impact we can have on climate change and sustainability as individuals can be significant, and as veterinary businesses even more so; but as experts and advocates, working proactively with our clients, it is immense.



This first piece of work produced by Vet Sustain’s Food & Farming Working Group, in partnership with VetSalus, has now been completed,and  we look forward to our future projects. Work continues on our sustainable agriculture training course, with key elements focusing on agroecological principles of food production for veterinary professionals. Currently in its early stages, the course will be delivered by a series of webinars, podcasts, online tutorials and farm visits. For more information please keep an eye on our social media, Twitter & LinkedIn, and sign up for our newsletter, here.