Recently, several articles in the UK and international press have highlighted the presence relatively high levels of antibiotics in European waterways. (e.g…) It is suggested that the situation further afield, outside Europe, is likely to be even worse.
VetSalus in adopting a "One Health" approach is concerned about this apparent rise in antibiotic contamination of our waterways. VetSalus believes that continuing scientific investigation will be required to track these sources of antibiotic pollution. Our consultants work at the interface between farm animals and the environment and by careful animal health planning, good nutrition and proactive management the usage of antibiotics and thus opportunities for contamination are reduced. Training and education of farm workers and managers is also important in reducing unnecessary use of medicines. VetSalus offers training on disease recognition and treatment protocols.

We welcome increased awareness of this issue and are proud to working proactively to reduce antibiotic usage and environmental contamination.