Angela Damaso

I graduated in Lisbon in 2007, and always had the ambition of working with food producing animals, in particular with cattle.
My Doctoral studies (2007-2009) were a life-changing experience in the sense that I lived abroad for the first time, which taught me a lot about myself, and I had to work amongst extremely demanding individuals, who expected nothing but excellence.
I have taught in Vet School-University Lusófona since 2009 and that has equipped me with a strong ability to engage people to know and do more, considering that not many vet students are naturally interested in farm animals. It has also prepared me for public speaking in different types of audience and provided my research opportunities.
The residency programme at the Royal Veterinary College (2012-2015) has put me in contact with the best specialists in cattle health and production in the world, such as Joep Driessen, Peter Edmonson, Arcangelo Gentile and many others, and obtain the Dip.ECBHM title.
My work at the UK governmental agency APHA (2018-2019) has took my scientific skills and knowledge to a higher level and given me a different perspective of the animal production sector.
My strengths lie not only on my scientific knowledge and clinical experience, but also my solid soft skills, including empathy, flexibility of thought, team work, and ability to inspire others.
I believe my next right step is to use these skills in a consultant role, where I can work with clients to improve their livelihoods and ruminant’s health and welfare.