Ben Huntington

I am comfortable working across species, though my specialty is in poultry production. My preferred work is in the use of economics in animal health and organisational management.

A current major consultancy role is as the Programme Manager for the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme ( I have supported the programme in various capacities since 2018, and was part of a small team that raised US$7m from philanthropic donors and government for the roll out phase.

Over the last decade I have gained experience working in managerial and technical roles for two integrated poultry producers in the UK, at livestock veterinary practices in UK and Canada and on food safety and animal health projects in partnership with government in the UK, overseas and with the FAO in South East Asia. I thrive on finding synergies between industry and academia, sharing data and using a collaborative approach to address major industry issues such as Campylobacter control and antimicrobial resistance.

I have a passion for coaching and mentoring which I believe should form the basis of any people development plan.

I am studying for a part time PhD at University of Liverpool in the area of behavioural economics.

Ben Huntington