William Tulley

Following 11 years of clinical practice in the UK, I spent 3 and 1/2 years as a senior lecturer in cattle health and production in New Zealand. For the last 6 and 1/2 years I have worked as a dairy nutritionist for the Evidence Group in the UK, prior to commencing work with Advanced Ruminant Nutrition in Jan 2021. I have undertaken study visits to the USA and mainland Europe. I have a strong record of collaborative research and publication as well as having spoken at both national and international conferences. As well as undertaking train the trainer I have experience of both lecturing and small group practical training, including ongoing teaching roles at Massey University and Glasgow University. I am currently undertaking a PhD with University of Liverpool studying protein metabolism in transition dairy cows.
Alongside strong clinical practice experience I have extensive experience of nutrition and feeding management in both extensive and highly intensive dairy systems, working with farmers to optimise health, fertility, production and profitability. I am skilled in the use of a variety of dairy management software packages, rationing systems and feeding management software.

Will Tulley